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Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

Choosing the best set of knives for your kitchen can be a mixed experience. On the one hand you save money and valuable time by simply buying a finished set of knives. The disadvantage is that you often get a collection of cheap knives that are better for decoration than for cutting.

Given this, there are some good options. That’s why we present our best knife sets, from $50 to $400.

Buy a complete set against the creation of your own

It goes without saying that knives are an integral part of every cook’s tool; investing in quality knives is perhaps the easiest way to improve the cooking process. A set of knives is simply the quickest way to get all the knives you need, because it contains the basic necessities: a chef’s knife, a cutting knife, a serrated bread knife and much more.

However, the back usually contains several knives with different uses and benefits, which are frankly not necessary. For example, do you really need a boning knife or a rope knife if you don’t cut your meat yourself? The fact that the manufacturer brings his set of 10 knives does not mean that you need all 9 knives (the wooden block has 10).

Therefore, if you take your kitchen cutlery seriously and want a perfect set – but don’t want extra knives that are rarely used to sit next to you all the time – we recommend that you put together your own set of kitchen knives just the way you want them.

However, this does not mean that a set of knives in one piece is a bad idea. It’s certainly a handy way to buy things and have a nice logbook to store all those knives in an orderly, easy, safe and welcome way, but avoid running around and taking an old kitchen knife for sale. Read on to understand what you need to know about buying a kitchen knife set and take a look at our Top 10 selection.

Types of knives normally included in knife sets

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

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Whichever set you choose, it will almost always contain the basic knives needed for culinary success, but it will also contain a number of other types – pretty names you may not know. Below is a brief description of their tasks:

Parking Knife – This indispensable kitchen tool is used for cutting small vegetables, such as garlic, cloves and vegetables, and for cleaning and cutting fruits and vegetables. It is also used for the preparation of side dishes.

The Chef’s Knife (also known as the Butcher’s Knife) is a multifunctional working knife that you need to dice, chop, crush and grind almost everything – meat, vegetables, fruit, potatoes. You do it 90% of the time.

Cutting Knife – The Cutting Knife is a classic knife that you can hold when cutting poultry, such as whole turkeys and chickens, but also roasts and hams. It’s good for fishing, and for getting big flat pieces.

Slicer – Designed for cutting roasts and meat, slicers have knives that prevent meat from sticking.

Tenderloin Blade – The Tenderloin Blade has a long, slightly curved blade that is super-sharp and extends beyond the thin, flat edges required for removing fish fillets and bones.

Baker’s Knife – The classic serrated knife is used to cut bread and other bakery products in a strong and even way.

Boning knife – This narrow, sharp blade is a garment and is flexible so that meat and bones can be easily separated.

Utility Knife – Essentially a shortened version of a chef’s knife, this is a good universal tool for everyday cutting tasks. You can make it both jagged and straight, and sometimes it’s called a bread knife.

Tomato knifeTomato knife – This small serrated knife is designed to cut the skin of tomatoes quickly and cleanly. In many cases they even have forks with tips, so that you can grab the tomato slices after cutting.

Peeler – As the name suggests, the peeler uses a curved edge for easy and gentle cleaning of fruit and vegetables.

Tips for buying a kitchen knife set

Buying a set of prefabricated knives is not the ideal strategy to improve your kitchen arsenal, but it’s fast, easy and affordable. When you think about it, you don’t just want to buy a set of knives. Here are the things you need to understand and consider before buying a set of knives:

What’s the knife made of?

Leaf material should probably be the first thing you look for when buying and comparing knives.

The most common knives are made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Stainless steel can be an alloy of different metals, but they must contain chromium to be considered as stainless steel; usually about 10.5% chromium escapes. The advantages of stainless steel are durability and corrosion resistance.

Carbon steel is any stainless steel alloy that contains at least 1% carbon; the higher the carbon content, the better it keeps on its edge and the stronger it is. It is also often lighter than stainless steel.

Other less popular materials for knives are ceramics and titanium.

Forged against punched knives

The forged blade consists of a single piece of steel which is heated, crushed and formed into a blade, then heated, cooled and defrosted again. Forged blades are generally much stronger and heavier than punched blades.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

Chef Wusthof’s stamped knife is at the top and Chef Wusthof’s forged knife is at the bottom.

On the other hand, the knives are cut from steel on the machine by means of moulds and then sharpened, ground and polished. They are generally cheaper and lighter, but they are less durable and have no forged edges or knives.

How’s the pen?

Knife handles are usually made of wood or composite materials, such as fibreglass or other plastics. Neither is necessarily better than the other; many prefer conventional woods, but they are difficult to clean and disinfect. Others love the modern, sharp appearance of plastic writing utensils and the ease of cleaning.


As mentioned above, it is customary to load sets of knives in generic pieces. The goal is to find a balance between quality and price, so you won’t be ruined or disappointed; that’s why we’ve reviewed 25 sets to offer you our best sets.


Market of big brands for high quality products. Brands such as Wusthof, Messermeister and Henckles have built up a reputation for quality.

Number of items

Throughout the process of examining these knife sets it is safe to say that the more pieces in a set – in fact almost the opposite – the more often the number of pieces in the set was in proportion to the loss of quality.

The usual trend we have seen is that of kits filled with knives or completely useless objects.  Some knives were small to be practical for daily training.


A well-designed knife is characterized by its balance. The strategically balanced knife is not only easy to handle, but also contributes to a good cutting technique. For example, if the weight is important, as with a cook’s knife, if the weight of the knife is in the direction of the axis of the handle or in the direction of the blade, it forces overcompensation during sharpening.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

The chef’s well-balanced knife is strategically weighted on the blaster or heel, not on the back of the handle.

A well weighed knife from a cook contains or cures most of the weight next to the knife.


The weight of the knife is important for both functionality and comfort. A cook’s knife makes heavy iron cuts with less effort. While a light iron is easier to use. When cutting thicker pieces of meat, it is best to use a heavier knife, as this provides more grinding power.

Report on the best kitchen knife for 2020

1. Wusthof Classic 8-component luxury knife withunit

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

What we like

It has a very useful selection of knives. The kit includes an 8-inch classic cook’s knife, a 3.5-inch cutting knife, a 5-inch bone knife, an 8-inch bread knife, an 8-inch cutting knife and a kitchen scissors, and – in addition to a block of wood – a steel sharpener. All the useful tools and nothing else, except maybe a wire knife.

Stainless steel blades with a high carbon content are sharp and corrosion resistant. They are easy to sharpen and forge – strong enough and of high quality to last for many years (with good maintenance). They are also well-balanced, with good weight and cutting performance – while the more precise blades remain bulky. They’re very beautiful, too.

The plastic handles are sturdy. Though slippery, they’re easy to grasp and hold… and their dense molecular structure makes them resistant to fading and discoloration. They must also be safe in the dishwasher.

What we don’t like is.

A pair of scissors might be better. The material of the handles of these scissors is not large and they do not generate enough cutting force.

2. Knife block Victorinox Swiss Army Rosewood, 7 pieces

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

A small set of knives that touches all the important points and does not contain too many unnecessary knives. This 7-piece set from the classic Swiss army knife maker Victorinox comes with an oak block and attractive rosewood handles.

What we like

Anything you need: This set of knives includes an 8 inch cook’s knife, an 8 inch bread, a 6 inch skeleton, a 3-1/4 inch cutting knife, a 10 inch cutting knife and a 10 inch sharpening steel to keep those knives sharp.

Stainless steel blades with a high carbon content. They are strong, corrosion resistant and extremely sharp, and do an excellent job of maintaining their edges. And yes, they’re very beautiful too.

Well balanced. You want your knives to be heavy enough to cut and chop easily, but at the same time light and maneuverable enough (and not to fatigue your wrists). This Victorinox set hit the head with a nail.

What we don’t do is.

Pencils could have been better. They are made of rosewood and look great – but they are light and cheap. It’s not super trust that inspires.

This block looks cheap. The wooden surface of the oak knife block is not very good and is carrying and sinking as you insert and remove the knives. The knives do not always fit perfectly in the holes.

3. Shun DM2004B Set of 9 classic knives with bamboo block

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

This 9-component kit is expensive, but it’s also one of the best in its class – with everything you could possibly need and a little more. It includes a 9-inch bread slicer, a 9-inch cutting knife, an 8-inch cook’s knife, a 6-inch utility knife, a 3.5-inch bread slicer, a steel sharpening knife and kitchen scissors.

What we like

High quality construction. These knives are strong and well constructed, and you can feel it when you lift them. The stainless steel blades are thick and perfectly machined, with VG-10 cores surrounded on each side by 16 layers of high-carbon SUS410 stainless steel. This gives them the appearance of beautiful damask steel, which means that they are quite resistant to corrosion. Single screws are synonymous with weight and durability.

Hard bamboo block. Many wooden knife cubes on this list are quite cheap and tend to split or break when hit by the edge of a knife. Not this one, it’s solid and healthy. It has to be at this price.

Packmaster’s scissors. Taskmaster scissors are among the best in the world and it’s worth buying them yourself. Inclusion in this package was a good idea.

What we don’t do is.

It’s expensive. Buying this knife set is a real investment, and although the quality of Shun is first class, we believe that you can put together your own set – with all the important tools and none of the unnecessary ones – in much less time.

4. Chicago Fusion Hedgehogs with 18 pieces

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

Do you want to make sure you have everything you need… and you never miss anything in your gear? Take a look at this 18-block cutlery service from Chicago. It has a pair of 3.25 inch, 3 inch cleaner, 5 inch utility knife, 8 inch cook’s knife, 8 inch cutting knife, 7.75 inch serrated bread knife, 5 inch Partoku, 7 inch Santocu, 8 inch stainless steel steak knife, … and 8 inch and 4.25 inch steak knives, bringing the total number of stainless steel tools to 17 and the wooden block to 1.

What we like

Forged sheets of high carbon steel. They are super strong, professional and very resistant to corrosion. They are also very sharp, can be easily cut and hold the edge well. Chicago Cutlery Sets Chicago Cutlery uses Taper Grind-Edge technology, which is designed for optimum sharpness and easy sharpening.

Pencils with rubber tip. They offer a much better grip and more confidence in the hand than conventional smooth plastic or composite handles, and we appreciate that.

What we don’t do is.

They’re not very strong. Many people have reported that pins and knives burst when used with great force, or even if they fall directly to the ground. Especially with steak knives. They are also not safe to wash off, and there will be splinters or cracks.

Steak knives do not have rubber handles. It’s just a solid piece of metal. They look great and they’re still useful, but we want them to have some kind of outlet to get out of the way.

5. Knifemaker Park Plaza Set of 9 main knives in 9 steps

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

A mid-price option that doesn’t carry the high price tags of the Victorinox or Shun sets – but isn’t a basement set – this Germany-inspired 9-piece set, the California Messermesister, contains all the essentials plus a few extra treats. The Park Plaza collection, as it is called, uses relief in German stainless steel to create a classic European style.

What we like

Super sharp stainless steel knives. For this knife set, the master knife maker used German circular stainless steel, which has a hardness of 56 – so that it can hold the edge longer – while still remaining light and flexible. It is high carbon, rust and corrosion resistant, and each knife uses a complete design. They make almost all the food work fast.

Rock solid skittles. Made of composite material with triple rivets, these handles are strong and securely attached along their entire length. Everything comes together to form a balanced piece and we are convinced that it will take a lot of time.

What we don’t do is.

The knives are stamped. With good overall quality and balance, we want forged blades – which are stronger, more reliable and often last longer.

Sheets can be thicker. I don’t know if it’s the result of an embossed drawing or just a knife blade drawing, but a thicker blade is stronger and keeps the edge longer.

Some knives aren’t worth it. We are talking, for example, about the Santoku knife and the utility knife; they are too heavy for the skilful tasks for which they are intended.

6. Mercer Culinary Genesis Set of 6 forged knife block

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

The Mercer Genesis 6-component knife set is a very affordable, simple, streamlined and easy to use knife set. It has a very sleek, sleek and modern look – and a cool, transparent glass block that brings out the whimsical slats that surround your kitchen.

What we like

Stainless steel with a high carbon content. These blades use genuine German metal and because of the high carbon content they are strong but light, razor sharp and corrosion resistant.

The knives are forged. Forging means thicker metal, stronger structure and thicker bolts. The entire construction runs through the entire handle and the edges are ground and polished by hand.

Black pencils in santoprene. Santoprene is like a mixture of vulcanised rubber and thermoplastic, so it offers a perfect grip and a reliable and balanced feeling. It is also resistant to edible oils.

Glass brick – Smooth. If your kitchen looks more modern, you’ll love it even more.

What we don’t do is.

Some people report rust. With due care they should not rust – they are made of stainless steel. But there were messages, so make sure they are properly cleaned and dried.

The device does not fit under cabinets. Feet must be pulled up and cannot go under short kitchen cupboards.

7. Twin J.A. Henckels 30782-000 TWIN signature block knife, 19 pieces

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

With this 19-component kit from J.I. Henkels you can’t go wrong when it comes to pure bang, bang, bang. It contains everything you might need , maybe in a set of kitchen knives… and there are many more.

What we like

The blades are made of carbon-rich, two-formulated steel. They are razor-sharp and razor-sharp, hand sharpened with laser precision and even hardened to Rockwell 57.

Ergonomic polymer handles. They are durable, strong and captivating, even when wet. Stable and balanced handle. They can even be washed in the dishwasher (although hand washing is recommended).

What we don’t do is.

The knives are stamped. They use laser cutting to get perfect edges, but they are super thin and we always prefer forged knives. Some users even have their knives broken.

They might be easier to use. Some of these knives, including a bread knife and a kitchen knife, are very thick and heavy… and they chop the food more than they cut it.

A lot of useless and pointless games. Eight steak knives is fine, but we don’t need a small bone knife or a utility knife (that’s just an ordinary steak knife).

8. C77SS-15PK Kitchen combination C77SS-15PK 15-piece block with stainless steel hollow handle

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

Looking for something slippery, modern and cheap in the mud? Use a stainless steel knife. This mud is cheap, robust and beautiful. Therefore we have chosen this Cuisinart knife set as our Best Kitchen Knife Set for Silver.

What we like

Sturdy stainless steel housing with high carbon content. These knives are light but strong, balanced and corrosion resistant. They’re precision-cut, ground, and they hold their edge very well.

Dishwasher safe. Many of the knives on this list claim to be ready to do the dishes, but they don’t last. However, these dishes are dishwasher safe and do not require a dishwasher.

Ergonomic handles. They have no rubber or handles, but the metal itself – even when wet – is fairly easy to hold and they lie comfortably in the hand.

Nice steak knives. These compact, serrated knives…

Super available. Really, for that price… how can you complain?

What we don’t do is.

Rust problems. This applies in particular to pens and knives that have not been properly dried or maintained. The bolts and hinges of the scissors are another area where rust problems can occur.

Thin blades. Especially with some smaller and thinner knives – such as the utility knives and the steak knives. Some surveyors have complained of bending and cracking.

9. Dalstrong knife set – Gladiator knife set Series

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

The German DALSTRONG knife set, consisting of 8 elements, is synonymous with razor-sharp and high quality. Take one in… and you’ll immediately feel the dexterity and precision of the craftsmanship. It includes the cook’s knife, the santocu, the slicing knife, the bread, the utility knife, the serrated utility knife, the slicing knife and the peeler.

What we like

Knives of the highest quality. These blades, made of high-grade German steel, are strong, well-balanced and manufactured with great precision. They go through the paper like butter.

Pakkavud hands of stone. Laminated packaging wood is hard and strong. The handles are easy to grip and the ergonomic shape fits the hand perfectly; the receivers notice that they can chop these items comfortably for a long time without hurting their hands. And they use a full set of triple rivets for a sturdy construction.

Beautiful block of knives. It is a real acacia tree, solid and mottled with black.

The knives are handmade with great attention to detail, with a flawless surface and no curved corners that cause painful sensations and signs of fatigue when cutting or chopping food. It has a strong handle and low weight.

What we don’t do is.

Sheets can last longer. Surveyors find these knives quite boring and often have to be sharpened and sharpened.

This O.R. could do better. It may look nice, but many users have noticed that it shows cracks and crevices after a while, especially when it is wet. Make sure all knives are 100% dry before cleaning!

Just a few more pieces. A universal serrated knife, for example, has no special application… and we could do without a 9-inch chopping knife.

10. Calphalon 1990630 Compact precision cutlery, self-sharpening, 10 pieces, maple

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

Don’t you want a knife sharpening? Just take this set of Kalfalon’s self-sharpening knives. The unit is equipped with ceramic sharpeners that are directly integrated into the unit, eliminating the grinding rod present in most other sets.

What we like

Fully forged blades in high carbon steel. The experts say they have a good weight, they are thick and hard, and it is good to hold their edges.

Balanced and marked pens. They have an ergonomic shape and a solid one-piece construction. They say composite material is quite exciting when wet – and all knives are marked on the handles for easy identification when they’re in the block!

The self-sharpening unit. The combination of sharpening bar and knife block is space-saving and very user-friendly. The compact unit takes up little space on the counter top and is a beautiful hardwood with a walnut finish.

Reinforced foundations. There are no extra rooms. You will need a knife for the cook, a Santoku knife and a serrated knife – as well as 4 steak knives and a kitchen scissors. No unnecessary bread knives or meat knives.

What we don’t do is.

Rusty blades. Even the best stainless steel clearly has some corrosion problems, and observers have noticed rust within a few weeks.

Steak knife with stamps. Ordinary knives are forged, but steak knives are stamped… …and cannot be used in self-sharpening crevices.

Recommended with redundancy

Stone knife for Boomer – 14 pieces Knife block set

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knife Set 2020 – Reviews & Guides

See the current price on Amazon.

For this price we could not leave this set available from our review. It may not be a face-to-face, but with its modern and elegant look, it’s almost worth the price if you buy it for nothing but jewelry. The knives are sharp, but you need to hold the sharpening stone firmly, because a bad blade pattern needs to be sharpened sooner or later.

Make your own set of knives – our All-Star composition

We said you have the best chance of getting your dollar if you take your own set of kitchen knives. So we’ve pledged to do exactly that by making you unemployed.

Our latest set of 7 knives contains everything you need and nothing you don’t want – for much less money than some of the kits on our list.

The Victorinox Fibrox 8 cook’s knife is a handy workhorse made of sharp stainless steel and fits perfectly in the hand. The 3.25-inch vegetable peeler companion is the same as the 6-inch bone peeler, but designed to peel vegetables.

And Fibrox Granton Edge’s 12-inch cutting wire/leaf is hard enough to control, but also long and wide enough to swipe slices.

We chose the Mercer Millenia 10-inch bread knife because of its deep, sharp, jagged edges that can easily cut through even the hardest crusts.

And the Shun Task Masters are incredibly powerful, with a tilt angle of 25 degrees that allows you to perform random food and cooking tasks.

The knife block for do-it-yourselfers is the Design Trifecta 360 knife block. In general, this is not one of the blocks with knives for sale, so it’s a bit expensive – almost as expensive as the knives themselves. But it can contain 6 to 14 different knives with an absolutely solid 10 lb stainless steel base, milled to order, which means it can hardly tilt. Bamboo is beautiful… …and it spins. It’s not that.

Instructions for maintenance, sharpening and storage of knife set

  • Maintenance

Stainless steel is resistant to rust. You can cut limes, tomatoes and other lemon products without endangering your health. On the other hand, carbon steel knives rust, cutting and wetting acidic food. But it stays sharp longer.

It is always best to cut food on a hardwood cutting board because the wood is soft to the leaf. The plastic sheets are hard and can damage the cutting edge of the knife. You will want to wash plastic pigs with detergent under warm water, especially if you cut raw meat over it. Always keep knives away from other foods. Knives are best washed by hand instead of using detergent, rinsed and towel-dried. Knives are not always easy to clean in the dishwasher and their knives are damaged by other dishes.

  • Storage

Knives get boring and dull. So keep them in the tray without contracting them with other objects. It is best to place them in the blade protector or in plastic sleeves, which are included in the delivery or are available separately. To store each knife individually according to its size, there are some knives available in a wooden block. Ensures the safety and sharpness of the knife.

  • Grinding

You should sharpen steel blades more often to keep the edge of the razor longer. You can use an electric knife sharpening machine, a honing steel or a sharpening machine. For steel knives you can also use the powerful electric diamond cutters.



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