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Sugar Rush Peach Peppers – They’re all about

Sugar Rush Peach Peppers – They’re all about

Sugar Rush Pepper was originally bred by Chris Fowler of the Welsh Dragon Chilli. Wales Pepper thinks it’s a random variety. It is the result of natural and open pollination and has amazing properties.

Scoville heat units (SHU): 50 000 – 100 000
Diameter: 0.5 – 1.5 inches
Length: 3 – 6 inches
Colour: Light orange
Buying seeds: RareSeeds

Sugar Rush Peach Peppers – They’re all about

Peach Sugar Pepper Rush

In this article we tell everything we know about Sugar Rush pepper. Finally, you will learn where to get the seeds, when to plant them, how fast they produce pepper and how they look and taste. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

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The origin of the peach pepper

Sugar cane fishing The peach comes from the species Capsicum baccatum. This species has confirmed origin in Peru or Bolivia. Usually it is called aji pepper, but it is now grown throughout South America and Costa Rica.

In the United States, ajie peppers are grown in small quantities because of the high demand for other peppers. But it’s very easy to grow them in your own garden. The sugar syrup for peaches and peppers is now much more common among American gardeners because of its beneficial properties.

Characteristics of peach fever

Sugar Rush Peach Peppers – They’re all about

Peach Sugar Pepper Rush

The sugar fever for peaches and peppers has a very meaningful name. They are soft, they grow and ripen fast, and they have peach color when they reach adulthood. This makes peppers very popular with hobby gardeners and especially with people who live in a climate with shorter seasons.


Sugar Rush Peach The peach is generally very large and elongated, with a wrinkled surface and a pointed tip. The colour begins with a light green or yellow and changes to a cream-coloured peach orange when ripe. The plants are also very tall and can stand up to 1.5 metres in full sun. The plants are fertile and produce up to 40 large peppers per plant under ideal growing conditions.


The Sugar Rush peach has a natural sweet taste. It also has a very fresh, almost floral taste. When eating raw tropical fruit, there are also muted notes of tropical fruit. This means that Sugar Rush Peach is the ideal ingredient for fruit salsa or hot peppers. We also like to chop them up and put them in omelettes for a hot breakfast.

They’re also pretty hot…

Sweet Pepper Rush Peach Scale & Spicy

Although we could not find an official ranking for the Sugar Rush peaches, we are convinced that they dropped by from 50,000 to 100,000 HUs. This gives a score ofto the peachscoville Sugar Rush between Jalapeno and Habanero chillies. From a subjective point of view, these peppers have a spiciness very similar to that of strong Serrano peppers.

Simply put: The Sugar Rush peach is a pepper. We recommend taming the herbs before cooking by marinating them or by removing the inner placenta and seeds. If you can handle the heat, you will be very happy with this high quality device!

Peach, pepper and sugar fever

Sugar Rush Peach Peppers – They’re all about

Peach and pepper fever

The cultivation of Sugar Rush peppers is similar to the cultivation of other herb varieties. They start growing the seeds early indoors, fertilise and water them for a few weeks, move them outside when the danger of frost has passed and keep them healthy throughout the season in full sun and with nutrients.

If you want to grow your own Sugar Rush Peach peppers, get the seeds here at Then follow our Habanero pepper cultivation guide here, because the procedure will be the same. Good luck and good growth!

Getting seed >

Guidelines for the cultivation of hot peppers >

Other types of sugar fever

Sugar Rush Peach is a cross of the Aji pepper, which means that there are many other similar varieties. Although Capsicum baccatum is a diverse group of peppers, there are several varieties that have similar characteristics as the sugar peach.

Sweet Peach Rush Tweesti

Another breed created by the original breeder of Sugar Rush Peach. The twisted rock has a particularly peculiar peppery appearance. It is considered potentially unstable, which means that the chillies your plant produces may not be exactly as advertised. This is due to the fact that the crossing takes time to stabilise the new subspecies. Anyway, we think it’s worth a try, for weird looking peppers!

Agi amarillo

Amarillo peppers are one of the most common and productive aji peppers. It has a chic orange color and a tropical flavor. The Amarillo Agi, which lives in the same species, has similar characteristics to the candyfloss peach. Size and shape are similar, although the growing season is likely to be longer.

Lemon drops Aji

Bright yellow and lots of pepper. Lemon drops are said to have a citrus-like taste and aroma, with a very strong spiciness. Ideal for use in chili powder or fresh homemade salsa. Always from Peru, lemon drops are one of the first Aji peppers.

Just take a step to find out more about Sugar Rush Peach: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Now take the seeds and be ready for the sowing season. Since we first tried it, we’ve been growing sugarcane pepper every year, and we’ll probably never stop. Sugar Rush Peach Peach Chillies is a wide variety of peppers which has become one of the most important products of our garden. Have fun!

Sugar Rush Peach Peppers – They’re all about


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