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A Quick Guide On Creating An Online Fitness Program

The time has come to put your fitness expertise to the test. And what better way to do that than by creating an online fitness program?

An online fitness program can be an excellent way to monetize your talent and passion for fitness. More so, you can do it straight from the comfort of your home. You can even transform your home into your very own fitness studio and train clients from all over the world.

But before you do all that, you have to come up with the program itself. So that’s why we’re here to give you a quick guide on the matter. With all that said, let’s start.

Define Your Market

What better place to start than here? A fitness program has to have a target audience. This target audience will define the ideal client and the people your online fitness program will try to help. There are tons of mistakes to avoid in this very first step. For starters, you need to avoid presenting information too generally as that will only alienate a large portion of your clients.

So to easily define your market, you need to ask yourself who your ideal client is and who the program is designed for.

Define Your Content

The next step is to figure out what exactly your online fitness program will include. What we mean by this is defining the content for the program. As you can imagine, people respond differently to different types of content. Some prefer reading, others prefer audio, while a completely third portion of your clients prefers videos.

So you’ll need to plan exactly what type of content you’ll be using. If you want to satisfy all three parties, then go ahead and do all three. Make a website where you’ll have your fitness plan put in writing, publish it on YouTube for video form, and use iTunes for a podcast version.

Deliver Your Content

This step is quite similar to the previous one, as it is all about considering how you’re going to deliver your online fitness program to your clients. As we mentioned in the previous step, a website is a great method for delivering content to your clients. But you can also set up a YouTube channel, iTunes account, and even use email to deliver the fitness program to your clients.

Define the Price

Since you’re indeed offering a product to your customers, they will have to pay for it. This is where things get interesting. Depending on the format of your training program, you can price it in a few ways.

The most basic way to price an online fitness program is to simply charge a one-time fee. But if you constantly update your training program and include new guides, then you’ll likely want to create a membership program where your clients subscribe to get access to the training program and similar content.

While we can’t tell you how much you should charge, we can tell you to think long and hard about the structure of payment.

Define the Online Fitness Program

Now we come to the part of the guide where we talk about the fitness program itself. While many believe that this should be the very first thing to talk about, we beg to differ. The reason why we come so late to talk about the fitness program is very reasonable. Namely, you already know what the program is. You are a fitness expert that already uses the program.

But you aren’t necessarily a pro when it comes to other aspects such as defining your market, the type of content, etc. This one is entirely up to you. No doubt your online fitness program includes stuff such as a pre-training program, nutritional training, recipes, etc. The important thing is to define it before moving to the final step, which is…

Create and Promote the Online Fitness Program

The last step is to crate and subsequently, promote the online fitness program. Putting together what you already know is a piece of cake. But promoting the whole thing is more difficult. Getting your program out there requires superior marketing skills that not many fitness experts have. But what you can do is turn towards social media and email marketing. Both are excellent if you have a low marketing budget, and you can very easily learn how to come up with Facebook ads and send professional emails. When it comes to promoting a fitness program that works, it’s all about getting it out there to as many people as you can.

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