Effective Health Care Teams Have Several Important Characteristics, Including:

Effective Health Care Teams Have Several Important Characteristics, Including:

Answer the following questions: Effective health care teams have several important characteristics, including:

A. The ability to rehearse procedures together, like a choir or a sports team.

B. Effective communication techniques.

C. Stable membership; that is, they have the same people on the team from day-to-day.

D. The ability to achieve good results without strong communication.


The correct answer to this question is B, effective communication techniques. Now let’s see the explanation behind the answer.


Effective communication techniques are crucial and essential characteristics that health care teams must possess. And it’s more than just exchanging information. Because it’s also about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Also, being able to articulate a message is very important to get the message across in full.

Health care team

What is a health care team? A health care team is a group of trained professionals and paraprofessionals who are responsible to treat their patients with proper care. The typical members of a healthcare team are a registered nurse and a doctor. Sometimes, you might also encounter a Nurse Practitioner instead of a doctor, or even physical therapists, occupational therapists, and social workers too. You can also see office managers working behind the scenes to make sure the healthcare team is operating normally.

Characteristics of a health care team

To make sure that a health care team is truly a team and not just a group of people who get along, everyone must possess key characteristics. There are six key characteristics that you should know:

  1. Shared goals.
  2. Shared knowledge and skills.
  3. Clearly defined roles.
  4. Mutual respect between members.
  5. Effective and punctual communication.
  6. Optimistic attitude.

More information about effective communication techniques

To successfully apply effective communication, there are two key parts that you must remember. Such as effective communication among team members when they have patients and are sharing performance.

For the first part, every team member needs effective communication, especially when they have patients in the office. Patients come with their own unique problems and sometimes pressing matters to tell.

Some will say it to the nurse, physician, or scheduler, and won’t be able to repeat it willingly or not. This is exactly why every team member needs to have effective communication. They should be able to share important information with other group members.

Second, sharing performance is key, therefore, if one member of a team does something and gets feedback, they should share it with other members. This is especially important with new doctors, as nurses can help them learn new practices based on their time working together with the old doctors.


And there you have it, the explanation of why effective communication techniques are crucial for health care teams. Due to its benefits, learning the most efficient communication techniques will be the saving grace for every team member.

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